Like all businesses, Norton Taylor Nunn has been assessing how we can change our practices to meet the threat of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, as we see construction sites begin to reopen and the economy move from crisis to recovery. Our staff are all working from home and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future; our regular use of Zoom and Microsoft Teams to meet with clients and contractors alike has been a welcome change to hours sat on crowded public transport.

Until the danger has passed, we do not envisage a return to “normal”. We will continue to avoid site visits wherever possible, as digital site visits become the new normal. The technology available to us allows us to continue to work in ways that simply would not have been possible ten years ago.

Planning committees are beginning to meet digitally, and decisions continue to be made. The Planning Inspectorate is continuing to issue decisions. After the initial crisis of the first days of lockdown, the sector is slowly beginning to adapt and carry on. As a company, we are still here to provide support for our clients – existing and new – and will continue to work hard to meet and exceed our high standards.

As well as adapting to new ways of working, including hourly breaks to wash hands, our staff have also sought ways in which we can contribute to the fight against Covid-19. Therefore we are offering free initial planning advice to any NHS or Social Care organisation which requires additional capacity, as well as free initial planning advice to NHS or Social Care staff. Together we will get through this.

For now, stay home, protect the NHS, wash your hands and save lives.

COVID-19 Planning Consultant