Normally submitting a planning appeal happens by post or online. During the pandemic, the planning appeals could only be done online using the government website. The online appeals go to the Planning Inspectorate. If you want to appeal more than one decision you must make a separate appeal for each.

After appealing online, you will need to send a copy of your appeal with all the supporting documents to your local planning authority. You will receive further instructions from the Planning Inspectorate.

You’ll need to submit copies of:

• Your original application.
• The site ownership certificate.
• The local planning authority’s decision notice – if they did not make a decision, submit a copy of the letter acknowledging your application.
• All plans, drawings, and documents you sent to the local planning authority.

You’ll also need to submit:

• A map of the surrounding area
• Any other documents that directly support your appeal, for example, your full statement of the case

You can upload these documents when you appeal.