Planning fees in England are set nationally by the government and are detailed in the Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications, Deemed Applications, Requests and Site Visits) (England) Regulations 2012, as amended. Over the years there have been changes and increases introduced to this document in terms of pricing.

In general, the cost of submitting a planning application varies across the UK and based on the type of application. Currently, a full application for a single dwelling in England costs £462, while an extension application costs £206 (based on figures in June 2021).

When it comes to building new dwellings, the costs increase with the number of dwellings you are applying for. When considering submitting a planning application, it is recommended that you seek advice beforehand.
Depending on where you seek help from and how many consultations you go for, you should consider a cost of anywhere between £100 and £400 (based on figures in June 2021).