A planning consultant is a professional in property development and management, with expert knowledge in the field of planning permission. Though the role of a planning consultant can vary greatly, their work generally consists of advising, planning, and consulting within the fields of planning applications, planning appeals, planning enforcement, planning objections, housing economics, and property development.

Common services offered by planning consultants include advising on, preparing, and submitting planning applications, appealing planning permission refusals, bringing developments into line with conditions set out by enforcement notices, and offering guidance regarding development opportunities. Planning consultants also tend to offer research conduction services regarding policy, development feasibility studies, and environmental impact assessments. Alongside this, they should be able to provide master plans and source certificates of lawfulness.

The involvement of a consultant in a project of any size can assist greatly in all aspects of planning. The highly experienced town planning consultants at Norton Taylor Nunn bring their commercial expertise to every project they undertake. Contact us today to further discuss your project and aspirations.