Norton Taylor Nunn doesn’t only seek to obtain planning permission for clients; when there is a clear need for assistance we will also act for objectors as well.

A scheme of 9 self-build houses was proposed on the outskirts of a village to the north of our client’s Grade II listed property. The proposed scheme was in a location that was unsustainable, had an access onto a very fast road, poor linkages to the services within the village, was generally reliant on the private car, and failed to provide sufficient information such that the LPA could be satisfied that these concerns could be mitigated.

Planning Objections London

We successfully argued that the application should be refused, on the grounds that it was outside the village Settlement Boundary by some margin, intruding into open fields and as such out of character with the village. It would, if approved, have lead to the amalgamation of small clusters of development which were characteristic of the village, thus endangering the heritage of the landscape.

If a development is proposed near you and you have substantial objections, please contact us to see if we can help. Putting the objections of neighbours into “planner language” allows your point to be made more forcefully and will often raise the level of understanding of the council’s planning officer in relation to the impact of the proposed scheme.