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Town Planning Advice London

Norton Taylor Nunn’s urban & town planning advice consultants in London are trusted to provide professional assistance for clients on a broad range of town planning services. Whether it’s pre-application advice, feasibility studies, appraisals, or anything in between, we have you covered.

    Looking for a consultant to offer you professional town planning advice in London? Norton Taylor Nunn offers various town planning services to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

    Why Seek Town Planning Advice?

    Navigating your way through town planning laws and regulations can be a confusing and daunting process. Whether you’re looking to apply for planning permission, appeal a rejection, object to someone else’s planning, or develop land, knowing exactly what steps to take at the early stages of the process is vital. Early urban planning advice is essential.

    Town planning advice is an invaluable service where you can have one of our professional and knowledgeable consultants provide you with an informal view on the likelihood of you achieving your goal before you submit anything, saving you time and money in the long run.

    Why Choose Norton Taylor Nunn for your London Urban Planning Advice?

    Our consultants offer town planning advice in London to help you navigate the different aspects of planning laws and regulations confidently.

    Planning Solutions at Minimal Cost

    Our personal approach to every client is to provide town planning solutions at the minimal cost. Our planning consultants take each case personally, and will seek to resolve issues wherever possible. We believe that working in partnership with the local planning authority achieves the best results.

    Professional Standards Approved by the RTPI

    Professional standards by the RTPI are at the heart of what we do. We are corporate members of the Town and Country Planning Association, working to challenge, inspire and support people to create healthy, sustainable and resilient places that are fair for everyone.

    Experience in Town Planning Advice

    Seeking any town planning advice prior to submitting anything to your LPA is a wise move. Our involvement with your project from its inception helps safeguard against potential problems at a later date, thus saving you time and money.

    Town Planning Advice FAQs

    Is pre-application planning advice worth it?2021-08-16T07:28:05+00:00

    Pre-application planning advice can prove to be an invaluable service for anyone looking to submit a planning application to their local planning authority. By seeking pre-application planning advice, you can ensure that you are using the correct planning form and submitting the correct drawings. Your town planning consultant will be able to give you an informal view of the likelihood of achieving your planning permission or steer you towards an alternative route that may achieve the desired results. Similarly, when seeking pre-application planning permission, some people discover that their project falls under ‘permitted development’ and that they don’t need to submit a planning application at all. Therefore, seeking pre-application planning advice is definitely worth it as it could potentially save you time and money.

    How do you get planning advice?2021-08-16T07:28:45+00:00

    Planning advice can be obtained either directly from your local planning authority, or an experienced town planning consultant. Your LPA will always provide useful planning advice notes on their website which you can use to do your research. Based on that, you can submit a request for pre-application advice to your local planning authority. However, it may take several weeks to receive a response.

    If you choose to seek advice from a town planning consultant, you will be able to communicate with them straight away and receive all the planning advice you need to make your next move. Having a professional look at your plans early on can help you to save money and time as it will ensure you are following all the latest rules and regulations relevant to your circumstances, before applying.

    Can I obtain planning advice prior to submission of a planning application?2021-08-16T07:29:38+00:00

    Yes, you can obtain planning advice prior to the submission of a planning application. This is typically called pre-application advice and it can be obtained either directly from your local planning authority or an independent town planning consultant. Since planning laws and regulations can be confusing and complex, it is advisable to seek pre-application planning advice to make sure the application that you submit has got the highest chances of being accepted.

    Working with a town planning consultant allows you to amend your application early on and optimise it according to professional advice, which ultimately increases the likelihood of it being accepted the first time around.

    How long does pre-application advice take?2021-08-16T07:30:46+00:00

    There is no statutory timeframe for pre-application advice. The amount of time it takes to hear back after seeking pre-application advice depends on the LPA you are seeking the advice from. Some local planning authority branches commit to responding to you within 28 days, others allow a longer timeframe. To feel secure in the pre-application advice process, it may help to have a town planning consultant by your side.

    Having an expert offer you pre-application assistance means that you can receive all the planning advice you need, get your planning appraisal and feasibility study completed with a professional, and receive your pre-application statement. Once all of these are done correctly, your planning consultant will help you with the pre-application submission and will remain by your side to help during discussions with the LPA.

    What is a planning advice note?2021-08-16T07:31:38+00:00

    Planning advice notes offer technical advice and information on certain policy areas. Your local planning authority will regularly publish Planning Advice Notes (PANs) to provide more information on good practices to help those applying for planning permissions. Planning Advice Notes are often categorised by different types of developments they refer to and get updated regularly. They are a great source of information, especially if you choose to submit a request for pre-application advice from your LPA without the help of a town planning consultant.

    To find out more relevant information about the type of planning permission you need, head to your local planning authority’s website and find their Planning Advice Notes page.

    We don’t just Offer Town Planning Advice in London…

    We have the tools and experience to help your vision come to life. No project is too big or small. We’re always happy to give professional town planning advice and talk about how we can best serve you.


    Our planning application consultants work with you to help secure planning permission for your project.


    Norton Taylor Nunn wins the majority of planning appeals we undertake.


    We can help if you’ve been issued a stop notice or received an enforcement notice.


    Norton Taylor Nunn can help you prevent that inappropriate development or extension.

    Strategic Land

    Norton Taylor Nunn works with trusted partners to unlock the full value of your land.


    We have a track record of winning cases with the Planning Inspector.

    Our Network is Industry-Leading

    We can help you find the appropriate architect or designer for your project, alongside our world-class service. Our network of transport planners, heritage planners, environmental consultants, technical draftspersons is second to none.

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